Home burglarized in Chesterfield

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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – A local military family returns home to find their back door busted and valuables gone. It happened in the 5800 block Kings Grove Drive -- that's right off Belmont Road in Chesterfield.

The thief or thieves threw a cinder block through the glass door of the home. The crooks stole multiple flat screen TV's, computers, jewelry and the victim's peace of mind.

Shattered glass is scattered on Loleta Lewis' back porch it's a sign of what she calls a bold crime.

"Anger was my first reaction. Then fear that someone may still be in our home," said Lewis.

Crooks broke down her back door sometime over the weekend. Her family just moved in less than a month ago.

"We work hard to get our stuff and for someone to come in and take it is just unnecessary in my opinion," said Lewis.

The thieves went through everything. They made off with multiple items including five flat screen TV's.

"It had to be a group of people and they had to be here for a while to take that much out," said Lewis.

Neighbors are alarmed and upset by the crime.

"That it could happen next door and that I couldn't hear a thing. Me and my wife had no idea. I feel bad normally we're a lot more aware," said Todd Van Patten, who lives next door to the victim.

Police are encouraging residents to keep their exterior lights on throughout the evening and nights. Also, put a security sign in your yard -- even if you don't have an alarm system. And remember: crooks usually won't steal what they can't see.

"A lot of the time they'll walk through neighborhoods and look into houses. People leave laptops sitting on the kitchen table or counter tops -- they see flat screen TV's," said Cpl. Mike Catron.

Catron says the best type of security in a community is neighbors looking out for neighbors.

"Communities that are close and work together and watch out for each other have less crime," said Catron.

Lewis' sense of safety is shaken.

"We slept down here by the door to make sure no one would come in again," said Lewis.

She's hopeful whoever is responsible for this crime is caught. If you have any information on this crime, call Crime Solvers at 748-0660.

Chesterfield County Police offer free home security checks for residents. An officer will come by your home, survey it and give you tips on how to make it more secure. For information on the program or to make an appointment call 318-8686.

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