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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – What would your co-workers say about you, right now? That you're a hard worker? Reliable? Or would they say just the opposite? Now, a new website is giving them the chance to talk about you. It's called

If you want to show that you are a good employee, this site makes your references available to a potential employer. But if you're not a hard worker, your co-workers can make sure people know that as well, and you can't do much to stop them.

Most people include at least three professional references on their resume. But now, this new website lets your past and present co-workers rate your job performance for a potential new employer whether you know about it or not.

" is a community contributed professional reputation and peer review website," said website creator, Peter Kazanjy.

We spoke with Kazanjy by Skype. He explained for us how the website works.

"The community can surface their opinions about individual professionals and give credit where credit is due," said Kazanjy.

Signing up for the website is simple. Just create a log-in and verify your existence with your Facebook account then ask your co-workers on Facebook to write a review about your work ethic. Potential employers can read these references when deciding to hire someone. Just because you didn't sign up, it doesn't mean that your co-workers haven't made a profile for you.

"While you don't need my permission to speak about me on," adds Kazanjy. "I can come to the site, I can claim my profile and respond to any reviews that I might have and I can also ask others to come and leave reviews of me."

"No I wouldn't use the website because it doesn't allows people to post information anonymously," said Nancy Brooking.

Brooking is the President of the Richmond Chapter of the Society of Human Resources Management or Richmond SHRM for short. She wouldn't use the website to find professional reviews of a potential hire. While registers users through Facebook, they can say anything they want about a person, true or untrue, without leaving their name.

"People could safely post something anonymously cloaked in an opinion," said Brooking. "I think so and so has a problem with relationships, a problem with authority, things that may impact a person's ability to work effectively in the workplace and because they're cloaked in an opinion, in a rating, as the person who's being reviewed you wouldn't have any recourse against that person."

However, Kazanjy has found that not everyone has something negative to say on the site.

"The site right now is predominately wholly positive," said Kazanjy. "I think it's something like 85 percent plus of the reviews on the site are four or five star reviews."

Kazanjy says his site does monitor the posted reviews and will edit them if they go too far or are inappropriate.

If you want more information about this site we've or if there's a co-worker that you want to review for yourself, just go to

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