Woman charged in bizarre string of accidents

By Yvette Yeon - bio | email

HENRICO VA (WWBT) – Thanks to a Good Samaritan witness, a woman is behind bars for a bizarre string of hit and run accidents. But police are saying that what the accident witness did was just too risky.

Police say that 24-year-old Jessica McCauley caused an accident at the intersection of Bethlehem Road and Broad Street and then fled the scene. The Good Samaritan then followed her fleeing car about a half mile down to Forest Avenue where the unexpected happened.

According to McCauley's arrest warrants, McCauley got into another hit and run accident, this time hitting the car in front of her then backing up into the Good Samaritan's car. Police say McCauley didn't stop there.

They say she fled again - this time to a parking lot in the 5100 block of Monument Avenue, right by her home with the witness tailing right behind her.

At the parking lot, police say the witness went over to McCauley's car, reached in, grabbed her keys then called police.

Police caught up with the Good Samaritan and McCauley at the parking lot. They revealed that McCauley had a couple previous charges including reckless driving, last year.

Court papers show she's also failed to appear in court 5 different times for it.

What the Good Samaritan did, certainly put McCauley behind bars, but police aren't too happy about the risk he took. Police are closely guarding his identity.

Although no one was seriously injured in any of the accidents, other witnesses agree it was risky.

"I would try to take the description of the car down and call police," said Jeremiah Cullison

"Doing something that extreme puts yourself in danger and other people," said Bill Tinker.

McCauley was charged with one felony count of hit and run and five misdemeanors. Police say she gave them a fake name, her license was suspended, and say she failed multiple sobriety tests.

She's at Henrico County Jail with no bond.

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