Man blames Henrico county board for stolen scooter

By Andy Jenks - bio | email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – A bizarre demand out of Henrico, where a man believes taxpayers owe him $2,000, all because his scooter was stolen.

The scooter was stolen out of Edward Powell's locked shed because of what he believes to be inadequate police coverage. So he's asking the county to pay him back for the full cost of the bike.

Edward Powell loved his scooter, and kept it locked up every day.

"I kept it in that little garage right there," he said, pointing out the shed behind his Hechler St. house.

But on July 4, he went outside to find the scooter had been given its independence. And not in a good way.

"It looked like somebody took a screwdriver in here and it kept, kept going back and forth," Powell said, demonstrating how someone broke into his shed.

The scooter was stolen. Edward became angry, and spent the next several months trying to find it. When that led to nothing, he finally got fed up.

"They're not doing enough to try to find the scooter," said Powell, referencing county leaders and the police.

Edward took the extraordinary step of bringing his complaint to January's public meeting of the county Board of Supervisors where he argued that the county should have to pay him back for the full cost of the scooter.

But he didn't exactly get the answer he was hoping for.

"Nah, nah...they looked at me like I was crazy," Powell said.

The scooter cost about $2,000...but even if it was less than a buck, Supervisor Frank Thornton said the chances of reimbursement are rather remote.

"I can't think of any situation like that, because you kinda open the floodgate that you don't want open,  perhaps," Thornton said.

Not to be discouraged, Edward says, money or no money, he'll keep fighting for his belief.

"Well, I lock my scooter up and they argue to protect the innocent, so, why not protect me?" he said.

Unfortunately for Mr. Powell, the County Attorney later confirmed that Henrico, indeed, is not liable for thefts that occur on private property. Powell says he'll consider buying his own scooter, but first he'll ask the police for more protection against burglaries.

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