UPDATE: Human skeletal remains discovered in Henrico

By Andy Jenks - bio | email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – A startling discovery in Henrico County, where a man looking for deer antlers discovers human bones instead.

The skeleton was found in a wooded area near Wilkinson Road, not far from Richmond International Raceway.

200 yards away from Wilkinson Road there isn't much except trees and power lines; the kind of space you could go and hardly be seen for weeks at a time. Maybe that explains the remains that had gone un-noticed there for so long.

Lt. Eric Owens is with Henrico Police.

"They were obviously there longer than a month," Owens said.

Last Tuesday, police say a man was walking in the woods, scouring the ground for deer antlers, but not finding any. Instead, he stumbled upon a skeleton: a skull and 20 additional bones. Just the start of what became an eerie discovery.

"They were, in fact, human skeletal remains," Owens said.

Police hope the discovery will help them solve one of the county's 10 missing person cases dating back to 1986.

The remains, however, were badly decomposed. No flesh...and barely a trace of clothing. At this point, police can't even tell if it's a man or a woman.

"At this early stage, no. We have to first find out who we're identifying," Owens said.

Only then will the questions begin: how did this person die? And why was the body here for so long?

"Everything hinges on the determination from the Medical Examiner's office," Owens said.

As of late this afternoon, the Medical Examiner's office had no new information on the remains...adding that it'll probably take an anthropologist to help identify them.

Henrico's ten unsolved missing person cases include eight adults and two juveniles. Authorities say it's far too early to tell if these remains are connected to one of those cases.

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