Local ad agency creates commercial for Super Bowl

By Melissa Correa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – The Martin Agency out of Richmond produced a 30 second spot for online company www.LivingSocial.com  It's the website's first-ever TV ad and Friday night, the details are top secret, sort of.

Friday, the agency released a photo of one of the scenes in their Super Bowl Sunday sport. We see a man dressed in a sweaty green T-shirt and purple leggings striking a pose you'd find in a yoga class.

With the photo uploaded on our laptop we hit area streets to see if anyone could solve the mystery.

"I think something really funny is going to happen to him," said Dequan Moss.

The Martin Agency said you will have to watch to find out what exactly happens, but Leah Muhlenfeld, who conjured up the idea, gave us a hint.

"What you're going to see in this spot is him experiencing things for the first time, many times," said Leah Muhlenfeld.

This is the first-ever TV commercial for www.LivingSocial.com a website you can visit to find discounts at businesses in your area.

The snapshot sparked Jonathon Jones' interest, who said he's now going to watch. "Yea! I would be interested to see how it's going to play out."

This isn't the first time The Martin Agency has played on the national stage, but this is Leah's first Super Bowl. She and her team worked for several weeks to come up with 30 seconds of Super Bowl worthy content. The commercial was due Monday. The Martin Agency submitted their spot with 20 minutes to spare.

"For a dotcom to come up and produce the funds and believe in themselves enough to put their brand out there at this time, it's huge. For The Martin Agency to be part of that and help them do it, it's a wonderful partnership," explained Muhlenfeld.

So far no one's been able to crack the code, but come Sunday the secret will be out.

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