Five things you should never pay for

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - One of the largest expenses for families is their grocery bill. There are products you use every day that you can get absolutely free and you don't have to be an expert couponer to find them. NBC12's Discount Diva does this all the time and shows you how to get something for nothing.

"I struggle paycheck to paycheck like most other people," said Tiffany Cutts, frugal blogger.

Tiffany is a probation officer by day, and a savings blogger by night. She's letting you in on a big secret, there are several items you use every day that you can get at the store for free.

Tiffany and I both agree that there are five things you should never pay for.

  1. Deodorant
  2. Hand soap
  3. Body wash
  4. All kinds of dental product that's toothpaste, toothbrushes and floss
  5. Pasta

Tiffany usually shops at stores like Kroger that double coupons up to 50 cents.

"I also watch for sales especially when things are 10 for 10, the coupons like 50 cents or a dollar," she said.

She says sales typically fall at the beginning of the month, but certain products follow a sale cycle every few months.

"It's various brands you can get for free, Suave, Crest, Colgate which are top name brands I've gotten for free," she said.

Knowing what things cost is the key to getting free products . For example, this week's Sunday paper had four coupon inserts. Out of pages and pages of savings, there were five products I can get without spending a penny.

The Dove and Colgate are completely free this week at Kroger, the Suave and Crest will go on sale in a few weeks, so I'll hold onto them.

Tiffany buys multiple Sunday papers because that's where you find the high-dollar coupons.

"It's a good feeling especially coming out with all this stuff and paying basically nothing but tax, it's very exciting," she said.

Tiffany created her blog Young and Frugal in Virginia to pass her expertise on to you.

"Every Sunday I post the sales for the week and what coupons to use and where the good sales are at what coupons to print," she said.

You can score big at stores like Target that let you stack manufacturer's coupons with their own. She's found killer deals at drug stores that are better than free.

"Sometimes with their rewards programs you can make money off of the items," she said.

The blog specifically highlights items that you don't have to pay for.

"A lot of people are going through the same thing with the economy not doing well so it's great to share what you can get for free with others," she said.

Tiffany couldn't possibly use everything she gets for free, so she donates much of it to the food bank, homeless shelters and women's shelters.

Check out this week's freebies on tiffany's site:

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