Greyhound passengers want more security after hijacking

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - After the hijacking of a Raleigh-bound Greyhound bus that started here in Richmond, many passengers we talked with today are hoping for more security on the buses.

Buses are rolling in and out of the Richmond Greyhound station today. But in the back of the mind of many passengers is the scene--- scary and tense moments of that hijacking.

Back here in Richmond -- we met Melinda McDougal. She's there today, only because of delays up north. "I would have most likely been on that bus. That bus with a person on it with a gun. I'm a little nervous right now."

And understandably so. "I'm probably the luckiest person right now for not being on that bus. I was in safe hands, someone was looking after me," adds Melinda.

She's on her way to Texas now. But she's keeping an eye on her surroundings in the terminal and on the bus. "Yeah I'm concerned. To the point where I don't want to go to sleep."

She's not the only one. "They need to have more security, yeah more security. Have people on the bus because if I had my child on that bus, there would have been some problems," says Keyron Grant.

On Friday, we caught a TSA inspector at the station. We're told this was a scheduled visit though. Greyhound says they had no warning this bus would be hijacked. We're told the company will continue to do random person and bag checks  and they are talking to the Department of Homeland Security now to see if any changes need to be made.

But that could be tough, since these buses stop at many different types of locations. "Mini marts, truck stops, places like that, which sell Greyhound tickets. So, it's a little different than when you got to the airport and you are going to one specific locations," says Maureen Richmond, spokeswoman for Greyhound.

To change security, Greyhound leaders would have to take a closer look at each of it's 3800 or so locations nationwide.

We're told today the buses are safe to ride on. If there are any new security measures put in place, they will be taking place behind the scenes. So, that means you as the passenger would not notice any difference.

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