Planned Parenthood in Richmond fires back at secret video

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - An undercover video has Richmond's Planned Parenthood under fire and on the defense!

The anti-abortion group Live Action, released the video today, claiming it proves the clinic on North Hamilton condones underage abortions and sex trafficking. Our legal expert tells me Planned Parenthood did nothing wrong.

Meanwhile, a clinic spokesperson calls the video a hoax and political stunt to get federal funding pulled from Planned Parenthood.

Last month, a couple, posing as a pimp and prostitute, walked into the Richmond Planned Parenthood with a hidden camera. They asked about STD tests and abortions for underage sex workers.

"What if a 15-year-old wants an abortion? How would you set up the other thing," said the unidentified man.

The man wanted and received information about a Virginia law called judicial bypass. Pregnant teens would go to court to get permission for an abortion without their parent's knowledge.

"She would have to come in for a pre-op visit first," said the clinic worker.

Live Action President, Lila Rose, said this was part of a four year country-wide investigation.

"Planned Parenthood, when they're faced with a sexual abuse victim or actual abuser a pimp, they make it clear they don't report sexual abuse and go as far as covering up sexual abuse," said Rose.

But Planned Parenthood's Courtney Jones said the clinic worker followed protocol in a situation that seemed odd from the start.

"She went directly to her supervisor, and our supervisor went to our national security office who reported it to both local authorities and FBI," said Jones.

The FBI tells me based on what was said in the video they are investigating to make sure there is no actual human trafficking taking place.

Attorney Steven Benjamin said the video shows Planned Parenthood positioning itself as a safe harbor.

"She was doing everything necessary to encourage these folks to bring these young people into the clinic so that, I think, if there was abuse going on, they could then take the appropriate and necessary action," said Benjamin.

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli released a statement that his office hasn't seen the entire un-edited video, but what he has seen is very disturbing. He said his office is in a fact-finding mode right now.

A similar video was shot at a Planned Parenthood in New Jersey. A clinic worker there was fired for violating some policies.

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