Remote Deposit – Fast, Convenient Banking

Don't you have enough to worry about when it comes to your business' finances? Let Bank of Virginia lessen the stress with a remote deposit system.

Remote deposit is easy. From the comfort of your personal computer, you'll enjoy the capability of depositing checks directly into your banking accounts. All you need is a computer, internet connection, scanner provided by Bank of Virginia. Simply scan the checks into your computer, and using the software, your bank account will be credited with your deposit.

Remote deposit is convenient. With extended deposit hours, a remote deposit system allows for banking on your own time. You'll enjoy a faster turnaround time, resulting in quicker access to your funds. Plus, you won't need to hassle with balance reconciliation; the software will do it for you!

Remote deposit is economical. You'll save time, and therefore money, when you cut transportation costs and the time it takes to reconcile your accounts. No more worrying about making the deposit cutoff at the bank or losing checks on the way, remote deposit is hassle-free!

Consider remote deposit if…

  • Your deposits consist mostly of checks
  • You find yourself wanting to make deposits after normal banking hours
  • You are tired of making runs back and forth to the bank
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