Bill allows darker window tint

By Laura Geller - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – If you're thinking about "tricking out" your ride, a new proposal in the general assembly would allow you to make your front side windows even darker.  The bill, passed by the full house Tuesday, would decrease restrictions on window tinting.  In hearings at the capital, however, there is some clear opposition.

At RPM Advanced Window Tint owners told NBC12 drivers often ask for darker tint on their front side windows than what's legally allowed.  The new requirement would allow the tint on your front windows to look much like what's allowed on your back windows.

President Kyler Calera said this change could make a huge difference in your car.  It would allow only 35% of light into your front side windows, as opposed to the 50% visibility current law mandates.

Calera explained that would make your car cooler, save you money on gas and protect you from the sun and the risk of skin cancer.

"I've actually had customers come in with sections cut out of their face and cut out of the arm and you know they say that's the reason they have to have tint," he said.  "So having it a little dark would be 100% beneficial."

Law enforcement agencies said the decrease could be dangerous for officers. They're concerned the measure would put them in harm's way if they can't get a good look at the drivers they pull over.

"The officer can't see inside the vehicle," said Richmond Police spokesperson James Mercante in an interview last year.  "They can't know how many occupants are in the vehicle, especially at night.  They don't know if any weapons are present."

We did some research and found out neighboring North Carolina, West Virginia and Maryland all have the 35% restriction.

Right now, only about a dozen states have the same or more stringent tint requirements than here in the commonwealth.

Senators still have to consider the measure.

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