Nursing aide recognized for generosity

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – At Brothers Pizza, today's special: sister love.

Angie Malone: "If anybody on this planet deserves it, it's you girlfriend."
Inell Dunston: "Oh my God."
Angie Malone: "It's you honey. You give it to everybody else with your greens and your garden and soul and everything that you do, hospice, everybody you've taken care of; you so deserve this."

Angie Malone is paying it forward to the woman who was her right arm for five years. She set up a meeting at her favorite Petersburg pizzeria. But our story began in the parking lot, where Angie told me about the nurse's aide she calls a saint.

"The reason I nominated Mrs. Inell Dunston is because her nickname is Mother Teresa. She is hospice care, she grows a big garden in Lawrenceville, she goes every Saturday and cleans old people's houses that are disabled or whatever through her women's church group, she has six children of her own, she adopted 3 with special needs after that, that's 9 children," Angie said. "There's nobody more deserving. I'm just so blessed that you selected my buddy."

We went right inside and got right down to business.

Sabrina Squire: "Angie here's $100, $200, $300 for Mother Teresa."
Angie Malone: "Thank you. Thank you so much."

Angie's a firm believer in acts of kindness.

"I watch every Tuesday. I tape it and then I watch it," she said.

She thought viewers, like patients, would fall in love with Inell.

"Patients come in and families - they call and request for her because of her spiritual side of her," Angie said.

We were about to see.

"Hi, Inell," said Angie.

She radiates warmth.

Angie Malone: "How you're doing. This is Channel 12 News, you have been. You have been selected for your Acts of Kindness and your generosity to the community. I nominated you a month ago; they accepted it and I want to give this money to you."
Inell Dunston: "Oh my God, Oh my God."
Angie Malone: "I know you think I'm a nut sometimes, but you are so worthy of this..."
Inell Dunston: "Oh my God."
Angie Malone: "You gonna be okay? Do I have to start CPR?"
Sabrina Squire: "Are you a little surprised?"
Inell Dunston: "Oh, I'm just blown away... (Laughs). Oh my God."

Inell explains that hospice care giving is her calling and her comfort.

"You just love them and once I go somewhere and I have to take care of someone, they belong to me. If I'm there over two days they mine, they belongs to me - that my family and that's just the way I feel about them," said Inell.

Inell says her gift will be shared with family, starting with her church family.

"One of them is my pastor, after tithes come out, and the other I can't say what I gonna do because I don't know who might need something," said Angie.

As for her needs:

"I don't make a lot of money, but God supplies my needs, so you know I'm blessed. I am really and truly blessed," she said.

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