Top ten Hanover crash locations

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - Hanover County is generally a pretty safe place to drive, but tonight we know where the roads can get a little dicey.

A survey reveals the list of the top ten crash locations in Hanover.

Topping the list.. Mechanicsville Turnpike and Bell Creek South. This intersection is one of the region's busiest. Right in the middle of the county's main shopping district. 24 crashes were recorded their in 2010.

Number two is less than a mile north, Mechanicsville and Lee Davis Road. This is also a busy shopping area, and an intersection that saw 16 accidents last year.

Number three is also off a main Hanover drag. The corner of Chamberlayne and Atlee Station Road was the scene of 12 traffic incidents a year ago.

Also making the list?

Mechanicsville Turnpike and Old Hickory Drive with 10 crashes. There were 8 crashes at Mechanicsville Turnpike & Elm Drive.

At number 6 with 6 fender benders: Lee Davis Road and Cold Harbor Road. And also with 6, Pole Green Road and Bell Creek Road.

Most of the crashes on this list involved minor or no injuries at all.

In all of 2010 8 people were killed in traffic accidents in Hanover. All 8 were do to alcohol or speed.

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