Politifact Virginia: Ratke suggests Allen partly responsible for national debt

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - In a year and a half, Virginia will vote for a senator. But the race for the seat is already heating up in a big way.

Tea Party activist Jamie Radtke is going after former senator George Allen, both of whom are vying for the Republican nomination. Radtke accuses Allen of being part of the problem when he previously served in Washington and argues a vote for her will be a vote for real change.

In a statement she wrote, "During Senator Allen's six years in office, he voted for budgets adding $3.1 trillion to the national debt. That's $16,400 for every second Senator Allen was in office."

Is that possible? If so, it would be the national debt went up the price of a brand new Chevy Cobalt every second Allen was in office.

According to the reporters at Politifact Virginia, Radtke's claim is in fact true. In fact, they say she was a little too generous with Allen's record.

The treasury department says national debt rose more than $3 trillion during Allen's senate term. It was nearly $6 trillion when Allen took office in 2001 and more than $9 trillion when he left six years later.

The math shows debt went up almost $17,000 every second Allen was in office.

"Much of the debate around congress centers around spending and how to curb in deficits and the record deficits that we are taking in right now. Radkte is a Tea Party organizer and her signature issue is curbing government and reining it in," said Warren Fiske of the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Now, to be fair, the situation has gotten worse since Allen left D.C. The debt has gone up $54,000 a second during Jim Webb's term.

Politifact points out that is more like a new luxury SUV than a Chevy Cobalt. And you can see all of the information behind this report on Politifact's web site. Just log on to www.PolitifactVirginia.com. And you can see all of our past Politifact Virginia reports on www.DecisionVirginia.com.

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