Mother of murder victim asks for help to solve cold case

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - It's a case that's baffled police and left a mother with ongoing heartache. Gavin Pollard was walking from his mother's house last March down on 27th Street in Richmond's East End. When he got to the intersection with Nine Mile Road, gun shot's rang out.

It's a mother's worst nightmare... "I got a knock on my door," said Gayle Ball through tears.

Gavin Pollard, 26, was not only shot multiple times, but one bullet was to the head. For two weeks, Ball hoped her son would awaken.

"The doctor's knew he would never recover. he would never recover. he could have lived in a vegetable state. but I didn't want my son to live like that," she said.

March 23, Ball made the toughest decision of her life. She took Pollard off the ventilator and he died.

The murder has frustrated police. "It was a cold Wednesday in March. No businesses are open. A lot of these houses are still vacant. not a lot of witnesses," said Detective Jason Pittman.

There was only one witness to the shooting. A person driving by in a car, heard the first shot.

"They hear the gunshot. They look over and see a black male about 5'4 -5'6, 130-140 pounds shooting at another male. Then they see the suspect running back up 27th toward Fairfield," he said.

Ball knows the answers she and detectives are searching for are out there.

"How could you know about a murderer and allow him to walk the street? what kind of person are you if you don't say something? Somebody know's something," Ball said.

She hopes someone finds the courage to come forward and lessen her grief.

If you have any information on this crime you can call Detective Pittman directly his number is 646-3869. You can also call police anonymously at crime stoppers. That number is 780-1000.

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