UPDATE: Residents believe they know Shockoe Bottom beating suspect

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – We have new information about a beating and robbery, caught on tape in Shockoe Bottom.

There are still no arrests, but after the story ran yesterday, Crime Stoppers got several tips. Investigators said they have gotten several useable tips from the public from the "iTip" texting service. There has also been a clearer video uploaded to YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxoSOHFxMuY

Since we first showed you the video at on NBC12 News at five Thursday, some people have come forward saying they think they can identify some of the attackers.

Police asked us to show you the home video, posted on YouTube, hoping someone will come forward. They called police after seeing our newscast, and then they called us hoping those suspects will end up behind bars.

"Yeah it's our safety and this dude's living in our building!" yelled one resident.

These Shockoe Bottom residents are scared for their security after a man was brutally beaten just a block from their home. They were torn between going on camera after realizing they might know one of the suspects seen in the video of the attack.

"I see him every day and it looks just like him on the video," said the resident. "It looks like the same outfits I've seen him dressed in and the build, the walk, everything."

They asked us not to reveal their identities.

"I don't want to run into him!" added the resident.

After seeing video of that brutal beating on NBC12, the people we spoke with tell us that they called Crime Stoppers. They believe that at least one of the suspects seen on camera lives in their apartment building.

"That one scene where he goes around the corner, I watched it over, and over, and over again until I was positive it was him," said another resident. "With him wearing that clothing and she saw him that night, and actually seeing part of his face, and how he has his hair, and the way he carries himself and his voice."

While those suspects are still on the loose, these residents had one thing to say to them.

"Go to jail. Get what you deserve, you know? You don't break laws and not expect to have repercussions."

Two of the people we spoke with tell us they saw the suspects in the same clothes the night of the attack. We saw two Richmond police officers speaking with these residents at their apartment complex directly after our interview. We'll continue to update you as this story develops.

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