Beating and robbery posted on-line

By Rachel DePompa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Police need your help tracking down the men involved in a disturbing beating in Richmond. That beating happened around one in the morning last Friday and the shocking images were videotaped. That video ended up on You Tube soon after the attack.

The assault happened on Cary Street near 17th. We want to warn you this video is difficult to watch, but Richmond police are asking you to take a look to see if you recognize anyone.

We count at least four people beating, punching and kicking the victim. A second person tries to help and is beaten. The group also stole a wallet.

"It's not something we think people should be doing... attack people on the street or videotaping the attack," said Gene Lepley a spokesperson for Richmond Police. Police want you to take a closer look at some of the images and see if you can recognize anyone.

"If we can get names, if we can get even nicknames that we can further our investigation with we may actually be able to use this video as part of our resource and the people who took it maybe wish they hadn't done it," said Lepley.

The video starts on 17th street in the Bottom; the men turn the corner onto Cary Street and are seeing chasing after the victim.

There was more than one video camera in the hands of these attackers. You can see a flip camera here.

It was posted on You Tube on the same day by Doughman media. The poster removed it Thursday. It had been watched 568 times.

"We would like to take this video and turn the tables on the people who did the attack and then use it if we can identify them as part of our prosecution," said Lepley.

If you know anyone in this video, a name or a nickname, or you know who posted it online, you can call Richmond Police anonymously through Crime Stoppers. That number is 780-1000.

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