Pregnant woman posts ad on Craigslist for food assistance

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Desperate times call for desperate measures! A pregnant, Richmond woman and her fiancee turned to Craigslist when they could no longer put food on the table.

The ad posted last Friday is titled "Pregnant couple in need of food." The woman posted the ad when she felt like she wasn't getting anywhere fast with state assistance.

She and her fiancee live in the Church Hill neighborhood, they never thought they'd have to ask strangers for help. But the ad worked!

19-year-old Victoria Myers is about to be a new mom.

"I'm going to go any day now," said Myers.

With nothing in the bank, Victoria and her fiancee, Kenny Farmer, are more worried about money for groceries. She turned to Craigslist.

"I just posted it not really knowing what was going to happen," said Myers.

Help poured in when it was reposted on the community blog.

"They brought like cereal, just healthy foods like fruit and vegetables," said Myers.

Back in August, the couple dropped everything and moved to Richmond for a job opportunity.

"Knowing we had a baby on the way, it would be good for us to jump on it," said Kenny Farmer.

Kenny was laid off three months later. To pay bills, he's taken on odd jobs as he hunts for permanent work.

Victoria, a Certified Nursing Assistant, couldn't find a job in the late stage of her pregnancy. She applied for the state Supplemental Nutrition Assistance or SNAP program. Victoria says nearly a month passed with more confusion than help.

Myers believes the process may have been disrupted some during a records transfer when they moved out of a Chesterfield motel and into their Richmond apartment.

"The place that had been contacting me. They'd been telling me they didn't have any of my information,'" said Victoria.

They now have an appointment with social services and enough food to last a couple weeks.

"I'm just glad that people are still willing and able to do that for strangers," said Victoria.

One woman even responded to the ad, giving Victoria money she received for Christmas.

Right now there's nearly 840,000 people statewide in the SNAP program. Richmond has the highest caseload with nearly 26,000 people.

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