Hanover county leaders seek new rules for boat and RV parking

By: Sunni Blevins - bio | email

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - If you live in Hanover County and own a boat or RV, you may soon have more rules to follow. County leaders are asking the General Assembly for the authority to regulate parking large vehicles on secondary roads.

In addition to addressing a number of complaints over the year about parking large vehicles in neighborhoods, county leaders are hoping this bill will help emergency workers parking an ambulance or fire truck isn't always easy even in the most tame of circumstances. But a hold up during an emergency could be the difference between life or death.

"Seconds matter not just with the outcome of the incident, but with the safety of our personnel to operate at that location," said Hanover County Fire and EMS Chief Larry Snyder.

It's just one of several reasons Hanover county leaders are citing in wanting to regulate large vehicle parking on secondary roads. Hanover roads are state-owned, so they are subject to state code, and right now, only seven places in northern Virginia have this type of authority.

Subdivision rules may prohibit boats and RVs in driveways but can't regulate the streets, and that's become an issue over the years. The county administrator's office has fielded a bunch of complaints about appearance or access issues from neighborhoods all over the area. The county also wants to make sure that school buses and emergency vehicles can get around easily.

A spokesperson for Hanover Fire and EMS says the legislation would be valuable.

"Most of our fire trucks are going to be between 30 feet to 45 feet long depending upon what type of fire truck it is; access is always an issue for us, especially in our subdivisions," said Snyder.

Boat owner and salesman Frank Buehren doubts this legislation will deter anyone from hitting the water if they want. He says there are lots of options for boat storage, and not just in a marina.

"It's really not an inconvenience in that respect because you either park it in your garage or at a self-storage place," said Buehren.

So far this bill has received positive feedback on the committee level at the General Assembly, so county leaders are hopeful it will get passed by both the House and Senate.

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