Warning about damage salt spread can cause

By Yvette Yeon - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Spreading salt this winter is a chore a lot of us have done more than once. But Shawn Waters who spreads concrete for a living says, most people aren't doing do it the right way.

The biggest mistake? Thinking the more salt you spread the quicker the ice will melt.

"They think more is better and it's not the case what's so ever, use what they tell you to use and no more because more doesn't help it. It actually reverses it. More is never better with this," said Waters.

We showed Shawn two common brands of salt spread, and he immediately shook his head.

He says rock salt is the worst kind. It'll damage not only your concrete and cement but your wooden stairs and porches too. It can also follow you home and harm your family and pets.

"It's what everybody sells at Home Depot and it's the cheapest kind to use," said Waters.

But don't get it wrong, salt is effective in 20 degrees and above weather, as long as you clean it off after it does its job.

"That's where all the damage comes from like salts made to be put down and once it melts and you get a slush you're supposed to remove that," said Waters.

Shawn says something like "Ice Melt," is better.

"This one is actually safer for plants and it doesn't have the corrosive rock salt in it," he said.

This kind of damage has been keeping Waters, SJW Commercial Concrete business busy these days.

"I'm bidding it every day now, Richmond hadn't been used to this amount of snow...our concrete isn't poured and placed for these cold temperatures we're getting now," he said.

For more information from Shawn Waters you can contact him through his web site, www.sjwconcrete.com.

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