Governor ending ban on guns in state parks

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - You can take your gun into state parks again. Governor McDonnell is ending a longstanding ban on firearms carried openly in Virginia state parks.

He says the Conservation and Recreation Department which was enforcing the ban, didn't have the authority to do so. Concealed weapon permit holders were already free to carry firearms.

Since we first told you about the gun ban change last night at 11, it has created a lot of buzz on our NBC12 Facebook page. There were more than 65 comments overnight.

Here's what some of you thought about the change:

Mike Kelly: "Guns are allowed in Virginia State Parks for hunting. What's the big deal? If someone is going to commit a crime, whether its in a park or parking lot, they are going to do it"

Jamaal Mayes: "There are bigger things to worry about in Virginia then 70 mph speed limits, rest stops and guns in bars and parks. Focus on the bigger problems and stop covering up it up with these entertainment laws."

We thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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