Elderly woman has difficulty getting ID card

By Diane Walker - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Since moving here from Michigan to live with her granddaughter, almost 2 years ago, D.M.V. has said 'no' every time Carrie Harden has tried to get an I.D. card. The state agency wants a birth certificate. This lady is 99-years-old. That document doesn't exist.

"I got a granddaughter in Florida," 99-year-old Carrie Harden.

Her 69-year-old granddaughter in Petersburg has her back, through challenges, even the one with the D.M.V.

"I got tired of fighting with those people. I got disgusted," said Carrie's granddaughter Sylvia Irvin. "I can't get something that didn't exist."

The 99-year-old has no birth certificate. She does have decisive evidence of her existence and legal presence. Those are government issued cards.

"The Medicare Card; that's a government card. The Social Security card. All these things recognizing her as a person, born in the United States," said Irvin.

Carrie was born in 1911, in Arkansas. That state did not start issuing birth certificates until 1914. Carrie was 3-years-old and never got one. She did have a Michigan I.D. card before moving here. It has since expired.

"If Michigan says she exists and gave her a state ID, what's the big deal? Why won't Virginia recognize the fact that she is a live person? That she was born in the United States?" Irvin asked.

DMV says Virginia code requires all applicants to appear in person and present proof of identity for security reasons. DMV says there's an alternate list of more than 200 acceptable documents. DMV wants to help and says it believes Carrie Harden may already have what she needs to get a Virginia I.D.

"I need that I.D.," said Carrie.

We put Carrie harden in touch with D.M.V.'s, Identity Review Committee. What she has might add up to proof of identity and D.M.V. has asked us to have her fax them all the documents she has. We reached out to Carrie and her granddaughter today and hope to update you soon.

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