UPDATE: Unusual overnight fire under investigation in Dinwiddie

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DINWIDDIE, VA (WWBT) - Investigators are looking into an unusual fire overnight in Dinwiddie County. The same home caught fire twice in one night and now the home is destroyed. Investigators say both fires were accidents.

Fire investigators gaze over what little is left of this home off Four Powers Drive in Dinwiddie County. The night started with a common dryer fire around seven last night. Jerome Taylor's daughter lived in this house.

"It's hard. It really is. I'm still shocked and surprised that this happens. This happens to everybody but you never think it'll happen to you," said Jerome.

Then shortly after midnight today crews came back to find this home on fire again.

"I thought they put the first one out. I had no idea there'd be a second fire and that was heartbreaking all over again. Oh wow," he said.

Fire investigators say the second fire was likely started by an electrical short circuit.

There were smoke detectors inside the house but it was actually the family dog that alerted the family about the fire. Their young son went to check it out and that's when they knew they had to get out of their home.

"It's still a blessing. Everybody got out safely, even the little dog," Jerome said.

Tony Williams of the Dinwiddie Fire Department says he assumed the first fire started up again when he heard about the second fire. He says he couldn't believe two different fires were started at the same home.

"The family was told, 'hey you can come back later today, get your valuables, your pictures, your mementos, go and get them away from the house' and they come back at two o'clock in the morning and have, relatively speaking, nothing," said Williams.

The family was not home when the second fire started. The Red Cross has stepped in and put the family up in a nearby hotel.

Fire investigators say the smoke detectors did work but was late in giving the alarm. Investigators say the home could have been saved if a sprinkler system had been installed inside the home.

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