Mourners demand justice for man shot by police

By: Yvette Yeon – bio | email

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - A grieving mother wants justice, claiming the Petersburg cop who shot her son is at fault.

It happened back in December during a traffic stop on East Fillmore Street. 22-year-old Stephen Lee and a cop got into an altercation. When Lee tried to leave, the officer was dragged alongside his car, and ended up shooting Lee.

Lee's mother is not staying quiet. Dozens of people rallied around a cry for justice. Claudine Lee was in the center of it all.

"My heart still grieves for what we have been dealing with in regarding his loss and especially how he was killed," she said.

There wasn't a dry eye as Claudine shared memories of her 22-year-old son.

"One time I asked my son, out of all the things that I taught you in life what did you learn from me," she said. "He told me mom, out of all the things I've learned from you, I've learned how to treat people. I've learned you should be kind and treat people like you want to be treated."

Claudine called upon a community rally to keep people thinking about the events that led to her son's death. She wanted it to be a wake up call.

"A wake up call to the citizens in the city because just like it happened to my son, it could have happened to any other citizen's son," she said.

This tough mom refuses to stay quiet, even while State Police investigates this shooting. Claudine is calling out for justice.

"Now is the time to speak out," she said. "Now is the time to not be afraid of what has been happening in our city."

At this time no updates on this investigation has been released.

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