NBC12 Viewpoint: Flying out of RIC

By Don Richards, NBC12 Regional Vice President and General Manager

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Before you buy airline tickets for your next business or vacation travel, consider this. The Wall Street Journal just ranked major airlines by their performance last year in customer service, including on time flights, cancellations, customer complaints and other key factors.

The winner might surprise you. AirTran was ranked number one.

The good news for us is that AirTran serves Richmond. But, probably not for very long. AirTran is being acquired by Southwest Airlines this year.

Southwest Airlines itself was ranked No. 3 and is recognized for its popular "Bags Fly Free" TV campaign.

Richmond International Airport would be well served by having Southwest stay here offering low fares and many more flights. But that's not guaranteed.

Airtran hasn't been as successful in Richmond as they had hoped. So we as travelers can help by flying AirTran now, and showing Southwest that we will support lower fares, better customer service and more choice at our airport.

For more information about the potential impact on Richmond, visit www.savelowfares.com

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