"I Have A Dream" speech at City Hall

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – The famous "I Have A Dream" speech will be heard on the streets of downtown Richmond Friday afternoon. A special re-enactment of Doctor King's message will take place at City Hall.

In the past when the man playing the role of Martin Luther King has had people threaten to assassinate him. But Friday afternoon he'll be proclaiming the message on the steps of City Hall -- with security.

"I have a dream!" shouts actor Tony Cosby. "That one day down on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slave owners and the sons of former slaves..."

Just three days before we celebrate the birth of Martin Luther King Junior, one Richmond man is remembering his great speech.

"I have a dream today and when we allow freedom to ring..."

55-year-old actor, Tony Cosby, wants to honor Doctor King by reciting his infamous speech.

"Because he did it," explained Cosby. "That's what I always say. He didn't stop."

Cosby plans to deliver the speech on the steps of City Hall. He has no idea how many people plan to attend but he's ready to deliver the speech to anyone that will listen. It's a speech he's been reciting for 30 years now but not everyone is excited about Cosby's reenactment.

"I've had two death threats," said Cosby. "He called and said um, well if he wants to be King, we can make that happen for him."

But at 12:30 Friday afternoon Cosby, protected by two security guards, will still deliver the speech. It's become second nature for him and every time he does it he gets the same feeling.

"It's emotional for me," said Cosby. "They forget that you're not him. I'm honored. I'm honored because he's done so much for me in the last 30 years."

Everyone is invited to come out and here the message. If the weather does not allow, Cosby will be speaking inside City Hall.

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