Homicides solved above national average

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Nearly two months after Christopher Lee was gunned down in front of a convenience store, his killer is still at large. His brother is hoping the murderer will one day be brought to justice especially after new information released by the Richmond Police Department today about the percentage of the city's solved homicides.

"I'm really frustrated right now but I'm just holding it in. I just want justice to be done man," said Lee's brother.

According to a twitter post by Richmond police investigators solved 83 percent of the city's homicides last year. The national average in 2009 was just more than 66 percent. In 2010 there were 41 homicides Richmond.

Lee's murder happened back on November 9th of that year. He was shot three times in front of a convenience store.

"It was horrible man, you know? It's my brother you know? I guess I would feel the way anybody else would feel. Another life got took," he said.

While the high percentage of homicides solved last year doesn't represent Lee's case, his brother still has confidence in the police department.

"Because they keep in touch. If I was sitting here and I never heard a word form them then I would say hey they are not doing anything but they pretty much stay in touch with me."

And throughout the community, the high homicide solve rate has neighbors feeling safer.

"I feel that justice will be done. I'm just leaving it up to god and letting them handle it man," said Lee's brother.

Police could not give us specific numbers today about exactly how many homicides were solved last year. If you have any information about Lee's murder though call Crime Stoppers at 780-1000.

Lee's brother tells us that police have been in contact with his since the murder and that they say there are several person's of interest in the case.

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