POLITIFACT VIRGINIA: Democrats criticize borrowing plan

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email
Posted by Phil Riggan – email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Transportation.  It is the billion dollar problem for Virginia lawmakers. Governor Bob McDonnell recently revealed his plan.

But it involves a great deal of borrowing to get projects out the door.

That's why it's come under attack from Democrats who claim that McDonnell, a noted deficit hawk, is being hypocritical.

They claim he can't pick and choose what projects to take out debt for, that borrowing is a risky proposition under any circumstances and the commonwealth should invest in projects they have the ability to pay for now.

Here is what delegate Ward Armstrong had to say:

"A mere month after an election when the voters said we must stop deficit spending.  Unfortunately, the governor's lack of leadership has resulted in a plan that amounts to a back door tax increase on our children." --Ward Armstrong, House Democratic Leader

But is Armstrong himself the hypocrite? Politifact Virginia rate his claim a "half-flop."

Even though he didn't like it, Armstrong has supported a plan to use deficit spending to improve roads in the past.

But because he held his nose when he made the vote, it is a half flop. Reporter Warren Fiske explains that the governor believes Armstrong can't  have it both ways.

"What the governor is saying that Ward Armstrong is criticizing this plan but three years, four years ago he voted to do just the same thing. Why is he criticizing it now?," Fiske said.

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