Drivers hope concrete patching on 288 is final fix

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Watch out for major delays on Route 288 south while a long-stretch of the bumpy road is fixed.

From now until September, VDOT crews will be patching the concrete between the Courthouse Road exit and Interstate 95.

Work will happen from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., as long the temperature is above the mid-30s. You can count on delays during rush hour, since traffic will be down to just one lane.

People who normally drive on Route 288 are hoping this fix that has lingered for months will be a permanent fix.

We've shown you the pictures before. Road crews out fixing the many potholes on Route 288 and even problems with the road buckling in the heat.

Michael Holt drives on 288 everyday. He knows all about those problems. "I've gotten to the point that I just let the wheel go, then the truck settles and you just keep on going."

But he's already noticing a change. "What they have fixed is not that bad."

Then there are people like Bonnie Nuckoles. She's given up on 288 completely. "The holes in the road have gotten so bad that it actually becomes a dangerous highway. People were switching lanes trying to avoid the holes."

For now she takes a longer way to where she needs to go. But is willing to give 288 a chance again, once crews get rid of these holes.

"Replacing with slabs where the holes were that's fantastic. It'll go back to the way it was," adds Bonnie.

Fixing the seven-mile stretch is costing VDOT about $6.3 million. But here's the catch. The contractor doing the work can decide when the work will take place. So, that means a hit or miss traffic issue between 8 am and 8 pm is possible, any day, between now and September.

Michael's seen the effects of that, already. "I'm going through there at 6:30, 7 p.m. And, everyone is coming home from work. It's bottle necking."

But both Michael and Bonnie agree -- the work needs to be done, and done soon.

VDOT says once the work is done on the southbound side, crews will soon be doing similar work on the northbound side of 288.

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