Cantor, Virginia Democrats prepare for a new Congress

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email

Washington, D.C. (WWBT) - Congressman Eric Cantor and Virginia Republicans come into the 112th Congress with a head of steam.

Just by taking the oath of office Cantor has made history. He is not only the first Virginian to serve as Majority Leader, but also the first Jewish-American to serve in that role. Cantor is prepared to make good on the campaign promises his party has made.

"People throughout Virginia and throughout America want to get back to work," Cantor said in an interview in his new third floor Capitol Office. "They want to see some results."

But with all the talk about Virginia's newfound power in the majority leader's office, commonwealth democrats are quick to remind you that their party still controls quite a bit in Washington.

"It's been a really frustrating first two years of the Obama administration, because there was so much obstructionism," said Senator Jim Webb.

For the last two years, Virginia's two Democratic Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner have enjoyed majority status. It's something they still have in the senate. But the job becomes a bit more difficult with a GOP house.

"If this new Republican House comes in and tries to ram through its agenda, without listening to the other side, I think the vast majority of American people will reject that as well," said Warner.

And according to Warner the balance comes in finding issues that both sides seem to agree upon.

"Both sides have to own not only the problems, but the solutions," he said.

But like any issue in Washington, those sides have different ways of reaching common solutions. Jim Webb believes those serious about solving problems will have to find common ground.

"We have a republican portion of this piece that is going to have to step forward and show that they want to get things done," he said.

A difficult prospect, but one Warner is still hopeful for.

"The best politics and the best policy arises from the center and then grows out, rather than coming from one end of the political extreme or the other," Warner said.

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