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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – When Richard Carson discovered termites had damaged his home, despite a long-standing, termite protection contract with Terminix, he called 12 for help. The homeowner signed on with Terminix 30 years ago and has been paying $65 every year. You can imagine how he felt, when Terminix told him repairs aren't covered.

"This is the main support for my porch. The gentleman who came out said definitely it needs to be replaced," said homeowner Richard Carson.

Richard was trimming boxwoods when he found the ant-like creatures eating a wood post on his home.

"When we first saw it, there were termites all over the outside," he said. "There were 2 or 3 hundred on that one."

Terminix responded, he says, treating the compromised area killing the termites but would not replace the damaged porch post even though Richard argued his contract says it should.

"It states 'will pay'. Arrangement for necessary repairs and pay cost of materials and labor not to exceed $100,000," said Richard.

We got a Central Virginia Pest Management Association Grievance Committee Member to review Richard's contract.

"It's their contention that the porch is not part of the structure. Well the porch is part of the structure. It was there at the treatment in 1989. Therefore it should be covered," said Nick Lupini with the Central Virginia Pest Management Association.

The association says there are 3 parts to a contract - the front, back and the graph which illustrates the structure and any damage at the time of purchase.

"Anything after that, if the company has a damage bond, the company is responsible for, as long as it's visible," said Lupini. "It's obvious that it occurred while they're under warranty. We would take care of it."

NBC12 called the Terminix branch manager who denied Richard's claim Monday. It was an oversight on his part, he says, and the damage should have been repaired without pause.

"Thank you Channel 12. These are the repairs. They came out and did it yesterday. It would not have happened without you," said Richard.

It's industry standard for companies to cover visual termite damage where live termites are found. Terminix says how this played out is not indicative of how it handles claims. It was a mistake, which it took care of once it was brought to their attention.

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