UPDATE: Request made to add another family to bridge

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Former Richmond City Council Member Sa'ad El-Amin is asking the city to rename a bridge over Reedy Creek in Forest Hill Park --- for the Harveys and the Tuckers. Both families were murdered five years ago during the killing spree of Ricky Gray and Ray Dandridge.

Vicious and violent murders rocked Richmond January 1, 2006. Bryan and Kathryn, 9-year-old Stella and 4-year-old Ruby were found in their burning Woodland Heights home. Their hands bound, throats cut and they were bludgeoned with a hammer. Friends and family say they often came to Forest Hill Park. They raised the money and asked to place a plaque at the rebuilt bridge. On the plaque are the words: "For all Richmond families." The bridge was dedicated in September.

"When you put names on a public structure you must remember to be inclusive and not exclusive," said Sa'ad El-Amin.

Former City Council Member Sa'ad El-Amin says the bridge should also bear the names of Mary Baskerville Tucker and her husband Percyell.

"They were killed by the same men who killed the Harvey family. They are innocent victims like the Harvey family were innocent victims. Yet no one can explain why their names were not included," he said.

The pair were found five days after the Harvey's in their East Broad Rock home. They too had been bound, gagged, their throats slashed. They had suffocated. El-Amin says the Harvey's have always gotten more attention and that excluding the Tuckers was not an oversight but an omission with racial overtones.

"Given the history of Richmond and the history of race in Richmond that race cannot be excluded," said El-Amin.

Those who raised money for the plaque say this was simply a tribute to friends. Council President Kathy Graziano says the city would do the same for the Tuckers if people came forward.

"Tucker was a tragedy. That's a terrible murder also. If there's a group that wants to purchase a plaque, council has no problem with that. And where they want to put it I don't think council has a problem with that either," she said.

Ricky Gray was convicted of the murders of both the Harveys and the Tuckers. He's currently awaiting execution on death row. Dandridge is serving life in prison.

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