New surcharge for Dominion Virginia Power customers

By Melissa Correa - bio | email
Posted by Phil Riggan – email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Dominion Virginia Power customers will pay more on their first bill of the new year.  In fact, your monthly total may grow from two digits, to three.

Beginning January 1, a new surcharge totaling 4.6 percent of your monthly statement will be added to your bill.  For the average customer that's about $60 more a year.   And for people on tight budgets, it's not the way they planned on starting the new year.

"You've got to have electricity," explained Dominion Virginia Power customer Michelle Corridon.  "So you've got to pay it. I can be unhappy about it, but the bill is still going to come."

As Michelle Corridon waits for the inevitable power bill each month, she hopes her energy-conserving way paid off.

"Keep things turned off when they're not in use and don't run things unnecessarily," said Corridon.

Lowering her electricity bill will help control a new surcharge. Dominion is tacking on a fee that's 4.6 percent of your monthly bill.

"Considering the economic times, conditions and unemployment, I think people probably think it's bad timing," said Corridon.

The fee will be charged to 2.3 million Virginians and will help cover Dominion's $7.6 billion investment.   Over the next five years the company will explore solar and wind energy. It is going to re-vamp and build power plants.

Alfred Ridpath is preparing for sticker shock. "We have to watch every nickel, because they add up to dollars," said Ridpath.

His business is less than a year old. English Street Deli is decorated with antiques, but is full of modern day luxuries that all run off electricity.

"From the cash register, to the credit card machines, to the Pepsi, all the coolers," said Ridpath.  "We'll bite the bullet like everybody else, try to work a little harder and make it happen."

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