Grandmother receives help for Christmas

By Diane Walker - bio | email
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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Three days before Christmas, Betty James had nothing for her grand children, no gifts, not even a Christmas tree. One phone call to 12 on Your Side and now Betty says she's the happiest grandmother in the world.

We know Betty had a great Christmas because three days before the holiday, she met us at K-mart on Nine Mile Road. Store manager, Kattie Stevens literally put a bow on Christmas.

Kattie Stevens: "We hear that you're in need so K-mart is reaching out to you and your family. $1,000 in K-mart gift cards for you to have a nice Christmas with your family."
Diane Walker: "How much was that?"
Kattie Stevens: "A thousand dollars."
Diane Walker: "Wow, that's awesome!"
Betty James: (crying) "Thank you!"
Kattie Stevens: "We really love our community."

Betty was shocked by the amount.

Betty James:"That really threw me for a loop."
Kattie Stevens: "You are worth it. Your children are worth it. Our community is worth it."

Betty's family of grandchildren, great-grandchildren and niece are the reasons she called 12 and got help with Christmas.

When we first met Betty, she was crying partly because of painful fibromyalgia and arthritis, but mostly because she had no money to provide Christmas. But thanks to K-mart's generous gift…

Betty James: "A lot of wrapping."
Diane Walker: "You have to get a Christmas tree too. Do you have a tree?"
Betty James: "No."

And thanks an anonymous couple from Dinwiddie, she got cookware, clothes for her and the kids, and a gas card to help Chelsea to commute to college.

Diane Walker: "Decorations for a Christmas tree. Where do you think the tree is?"
Betty James: "Right there."
Diane Walker: "Ha ha. You wanted a tree."
Betty James: "Yeah."

"I sure appreciate them doing it and I appreciate you doing what you did so very much. It means the world to me," said Betty.

Two grandmothers reached out for help and got it. We thank all of you who called or e-mailed offering help.

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