Family pet found shot in the woods

By Nicole Bell - bio | email
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HANOVER, VA (WWBT) – A local family is looking for answers after their pet dog was found shot in the woods.

The 14-month-old husky, named Storm, is being called a survivor. She was shot in her front legs and left in a wooded area for nearly three weeks before she was found. One of her legs had to be amputated the other is shattered.

The drama started earlier this month when Storm and her mom, Shelby, got out of their kennel in Hanover County. Shelby came back home -- Storm did not. The owners of the animal tried to find her.

"I searched for about 6 hours. We made missing posters and posted them. I was worried and hoping someone had found her and was taking care of her," said Kari Harvey.

Eighteen days passed before a neighbor found Storm in the woods not far from her home.

"I didn't expect to find her in the woods the way she was. I can't imagine what she went through," said Harvey.

Storm was bloody, bruised, and thin. She'd lost about 20 pounds.

"She was skinny. You could see her ribs and her pelvis," said Harvey.

The dog's family believes a hunter shot Storm. They're looking for answers about what exactly happened and why.

Despite her injuries Storm is being called lucky. She's alive and her doctor says she getting stronger every day.

A few days after surgery Storm is trying to stand strong. She's expected to slowly regain use of her left leg and will adapt to life without her right leg.

"She's young so that gives her a benefit. An older animal wouldn't have done as well," said Dr. Carter Burkey.

For now, Storm's family is waiting to bring their pet back home.

"Storm and the rest of them they all have a piece of my heart - they're like family," said Harvey.

Storm is expected to be released from the hospital later this week. Hanover County Animal Control is investigating the shooting. If you have any information call 365-6485.

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