Free cab rides on New Year's Eve

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - With New Year's Eve just days away, it's time to start planning on what to do if you have a little too much to drink.

If you plan on drinking this New Year's Eve, you might get a free ride home. Local law firm Allen and Allen will be picking up your cab fare.

This weekend will be a busy one of the weekend for Jonathan Trainum and his taxicab company.

"It's one of the nights people go out, they enjoy themselves," he said.  "They drink a lot, they have a good time and one of the most important things for them is to be safe and to get home safe afterwards."

Napoleon Taxicab will take you home for free Friday night, thanks to a local law firm.

This is one of a few ways you can get home without getting behind the wheel. The To the Bottom and Back bus will also be out offering free rides.

You can even find non-profit groups that will drive you and your car home for free if you have too much to drink.

Ben Hill bartends at Joe's Inn in the Fan. He says having New Year's Eve on a Friday will bring even more people out on the town.

"That's a night people usually go out anyway," he said.  "Probably going to be busy everywhere."

Finding people a safe way home is always a concern.

"People are really becoming aware of how much drunk driving is happening in Richmond," Hill said.  "As a bartender, I think that's one thing that happens a little too much. We all try to make sure we call cabs for people."

Local cab companies say you have no excuse to get a DUI with all the free ways you can get home.

"The clientele get a little intoxicated," Trainum said.  "They're having a great time, they're doing their thing and regardless of where they've been earlier or where they're going, if they're going home, they're getting a free ride."

This will only cover your ride home so if you use the cab to go from one bar to another, the law firm won't pick up the tab on that one.

The free rides are only with Napoleon Taxicab and they will only drive you within Metro Richmond.

Napoleon Taxicab: (804) 354-TAXI/ (804) 354-8294

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