VDOT will work on pothole reports Tuesday

By Laura Geller - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – If you thought it would be smooth sailing now that the snow has been plowed off the roads, think again! Now, the potholes are back!

Right now Virginia Department of Transportation crews are still in snow emergency mode.  But starting Tuesday morning we're told it will be back to business as usual.  And for workers, that means they'll be filling any potholes you report.

Who could forget the situation last year when hundreds of potholes wreaked havoc on cars and caused accidents?  Calvin Huggins literally can't get the memories out of his head.

"I think I hit one, one time and it actually made my head hit up against the ceiling you know because it was so deep," he recalled.

Huggins said right now the conditions aren't too bad.  In fact, in the few hours we had our eyes on pothole patrol, there were only a few instances of that familiar jostle as the wheels navigate the gaps.

That consistent impact could mean trouble for your car and wear and tear on your alignment and tires.  We went to NBC12 Automotive Expert Emmerson Miles to find out the telltale signs a pothole has left its mark on your vehicle.

"If you damage your tire you get a vibration," he explained.  "If you damage your wheel alignment, you got a car that doesn't track straight down the road.  Your steering wheel is all the sudden crooked."

Everyone's fingers are crossed for an easier time on the roads this year, but if not VDOT said it's ready.  Pothole repairs are included in the agency's maintenance budget and it will continue the 1-800-FOR-ROAD reporting hotline.

"Last year, there were quite a few areas who created pothole numbers and ways to get in contact with us," said spokesperson Taya Jarman.  "The best way to get in contact with VDOT is to go through our service."

Huggins said he used the hotline last winter and will probably have to again. Until the holes are patched up and it's once again smooth sailing, he's hoping for one thing.

"If more people pay attention, it will be ok," he said.

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