Kwanzaa Festival

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Kwanzaa, the weeklong celebration honoring universal African-American heritage and culture, began Sunday. In honor of the holiday, you're invited to come out to the Kwanzaa festival this Thursday. Here with me today is Janine Bell, the festival coordinator. Thanks for being with us.

Janine Bell:
Hey, thank you. Now today is the day of self determination, so to greet you, I'd say Habari Doni and you'd say --

Heather Sullivan: We'll go over that one again.

Janine Bell:
Yeah, yeah.

Heather Sullivan: And it's such a beautiful cultural event, so tell me about the festival and what's going to be going on.

Janine Bell:
It really is. The candle lighting that talks about the seven principles starts the event, and we have a huge processional with the Allegro Folklore Society, African dancers, drummers, the stilt walkers. Everybody gets involved with that and we come in through the African market that people are so happy about seeing all the items and imports and books and things for children there. Then on the stage, our key note speaker is Anthony Broader, an Egyptologist and he's going to be signing books and getting up close and personal with people. People can register to win an African ancestry test kit so they can know their roots. Where in Africa did we come from. We have jazz, reggae and some rock soul with Kimberly Nicole. Activities for the children all throughout the evening, workshops for the adults all throughout the evening, and this is our 20th anniversary year.

Heather Sullivan: Wow.

Janine Bell:
Wow. That's a big wow. So we're just going to have a big celebration and we're inviting all the viewers to come out and enjoy.

Heather Sullivan: Why do you think this is such an important things for families to come and attend? I know it helps to enjoy and celebrate the culture.

Janine Bell:
Absolutely. At the end of the year when we're looking backwards, reflecting over the accomplishments of the year, all the families, the first principle of Kwanzaa is unity to main unity in the family starting there and crossing bridge for the new year to recommitment. It's important that we're in the same moment in time and realize the strength of the family and building community.

Heather Sullivan: Fantastic, Janine. There's the information on the screen, this Thursday, 5:00 to 11:00 at the Show Place Exhibition Center and there's the phone number. Thanks so much for coming in and telling us about it. I hope you have a great event.

Janine Bell:
Thank you so much.

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