City snow clearing getting good reviews

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Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – If you've been out and about today, you know the main roads are in good that's why plows are now hitting secondary and neighborhood streets today.

The city of Richmond plows its own streets, and sometimes gets flack for not doing it fast enough, but with this snowstorm, the city is getting good reviews.

"We went to an event last night and the roads weren't bad at all," said Don Pottenbaum.

They cleared primary roads like Broad Street in the downtown by Sunday evening. Monday's focus was the neighborhoods. Robert Mitchell lives on a snow covered side street in Church Hill.

"It just kind of seems to fit this neighborhood, not to have a lot of technology coming through and plowing the streets. It's ok. It's quite charming," he said.

The snow is so packed in here on the side streets you're not going to see snow trucks with their plows down on your roads. They're just going to be out here treating them.

"One, because it can be damaging to the equipment if it's scraping along the asphalt and two, we don't want to damage the roads either," said Sharon North from Richmond Public Works.

Over all the city's getting compliments, not complaints.

Keith Benzin in the Fan said, "Oh they did a great job, especially on this street."

"Last year everybody would hurry up and shovel out and then get plowed in, so, this year, things look pretty good. You know I think the city's doing a good job," added Fan resident Lanny Levenson.

And with a little help from the sun, 2010's white Christmas will soon only be a memory.

"Once people get out and about it will clear up pretty quickly hopefully," said Mitchell.

The city expects to wrap up its work on the side streets and neighborhoods this evening. And there will be crews out again tonight treating the bridges and overpasses.

The two winter storms we've had this year have not forced the city to dig too deeply into its $750,000 snow removal budget. Public works is, however, already ordering some more salt, just in case we get hit again this winter.

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