Stranded at Richmond International Airport

Posted by Shawn Maclauchlan

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - There were a few flights making it in and out of Richmond Sunday night, but there was a long list of cancellations, leaving some Christmas vacationers stranded at RIC.

While other airports around the country were packed, Richmond International, by comparison, looked like a ghost town. By noon, dozens of flights had been cancelled, many of them to the big hubs, like New York and Atlanta.

Richmond is a destination airport - not many people have connecting flights here - still, there were some stranded passengers. Deborah Nichols spent Christmas Day in Las Vegas - she's trying to get home to Newport News, but Richmond was as close as she could get.

"In Atlanta, we got the wonderful news that our flight was cancelled to Newport News, and so we were the last three to get on standby to go to Richmond, so it was our last hopes of getting to see our family," said Nichols.

Katie Garthright lives in Richmond - she says the long wait for the flight is not nearly as nerve wracking as the drive to the airport was.

"It took us two hours to get here from our house, and we drove really slow. People were driving really fast around us," said Garthright.

Susan Rose tried to get to San Antonio to see her grandchildren, but even the southern destinations, where there is no snow, are seeing delays and cancellations. She brought marbles and a deck of cards, knowing full well it could be a long night.

If you have a flight out of Richmond Monday, the airport suggests you go on-line and check with your specific carrier before even thinking about driving to the airport.

Airlines expect more flights will be scrubbed, as blizzard warnings stretch from New Jersey to Maine.

The airlines are already working to re-book passengers and are considering adding flights.

Delta has canceled more than 850 flights so far, but a spokesman says it hopes to resume normal operations by Monday afternoon.

Gusting winds have also made it difficult to de-ice planes.

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