Busiest time of the year for Goodwill

By: Laura Geller - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - In just three days Goodwill could receive the same amount of donations it normally takes them half a month to collect. Staff says the last few days of the year are critical to the organization's mission of changing lives.

Boxes and bags are filled with items Jennifer Whaley no longer needs.

"I'm cleaning out and getting ready for the new year," she said.

It's part of the Whaley family's holiday spirit.

"We're also trying to make room in the house for some new Christmas presents and feel like other families could use some of the things that maybe we don't need any more since it's a challenging time of year for everybody," she said.

There's a little something in it for those who donate. Goodwill says the end of the year is particularly busy because people are thinking about their 2010 tax deductions. When you drop off your goods, you'll get a receipt in return. It has a guide on the back so you can determine the value for your tax return.

"The donor might want to make a list of what it is that they're donating and then from the form they can match that with a price and then they would put that together for their accountant," said Goodwill representative Jocelyn Trimiew.

The donations get sorted and the best items get put out for sale. At least 84 percent of the money made goes back into this very community in the form of job training and career development.

"Individuals are able to go in and get services, they get help with resume writing, they get training for interviewing, all types of things," said Trimiew.

And for many, that's the reason they choose to give to Goodwill instead of any other thrift store.

"They have a generous heart," said donor Linda Maxey. "They have a heart for the community, which I think that's why it's called Goodwill."

In the last three days of 2009, Goodwill collected more than 17,000 donations from the central Virginia and Hampton Roads areas. Management will also staff the center to help prepare for the influx of contributions.

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