Mail found in bottom of Chesterfield creek

By Yvette Yeon - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - One Chesterfield community is trying to figure out just how much mail they've been missing.

Christmas cards, bills, and other personal mail including packages were all found drenched and opened in a wooded area not too far from their homes.

Angela Buford looks forward to her Christmas cards in the mail every year. But when her mail turned up at the bottom of a creek along with dozens of other envelopes she quickly alerted her neighbors.

"It pissed everybody off who heard about it. We're a pretty close knit community. We all know everybody and everybody around, and we're just like how could this happen," Buford said.

A couple of boys who live in the Southernbelle Court neighborhood were playing in a nearby wooded area when they discovered all of that discarded mail in a creek. Buford said the boys recognized the names on the mail.

Chesterfield police confirm officers were sent out to check it out.

"We asked the officer who could have done it. He said could have been anywhere from the postal service person that night, or it could have been just a civilian wanting some quick money," said Buford.

The post office doesn't open back up until Monday, until then Angela says she's going to hold on to all of the discarded mail and present it to the post office so they can start and investigation.

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