Educational Editorial: Civility at Christmas time

By Dr. Bill Bosher, NBC12 Educational Specialist

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - While at the mall shopping with friends who share a common Christmas "sprint to the finish," a recurring revelation came on like a harbor light. The Season may be one of cheer… but many people are not very cheerful.

Not since I accepted the mission from my wife to procure a Cabbage Patch doll have I notice the "I" and "My" some people demonstrate.

A friend cited an incident where an item, the last one available, was taken from her basket while she talked to the "Swiper's" daughter. …And she denied that she had taken it.

WOW, this is ridiculous! What happened to the cheer? We hear much about road rage, but in reality the road is simply one stage where rage is demonstrated…it has little to do with the road and everything to do with "me."

This week an evaluation of the Richmond City School Board was reported and the most incriminating observations noted how board members treated each other…and the public.

While clearly not as notorious as some of their predecessors, the behavior seems to warrant suspension…if not expulsion. Perhaps, I was shopping for the wrong gift…I should have been looking for civility.

According to Webster, its synonyms are politeness and courtesy. It is even one of the "five pillars" of Wikipedia.

While my annual "Mad Hatter's Dash" shopping trip produced very little discounted gold, frankincense, or myrrh, it offered in abundance the need to be civil.

As my family and friends experience the annual return of the tacky stuff that I bought, I hope that they will be given a gift that needs no warranty…politeness.