Central Virginia prepares for snowstorm

By Yvette Yeon - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The threat of a major snow storm Christmas weekend has VDOT preparing for the worst. The trucks are gassed up, equipment has been checked, and an on call list has been made based on 12 hour shifts.

"Based on the storm as it appears right now, we will be getting some snow on Sunday now, if that's still the case this time tomorrow we're going to put down anti-icing treatment on the major routes like the interstates and primary routes but if the forecast changes we're going to adjust to prepare," said Dawn Eischen, VDOT spokesperson.

As VDOT keeps a close eye on the radar, so are local churches that expect huge turn outs Christmas Sunday.

At First Baptist Church on Monument Ave in Richmond, the turnout is usually over a thousand.

Senior Pastor, Dr. Jim Somerville says the church will have service updates on its website and on NBC12's newscast as soon as the weather turns for possibly a major snow storm.

"Everybody is watching to see what's going to come, but I try not to worry about it, it will be Sunday no matter how much snow comes," said Dr. Somerville.

While some churches are preparing to cancel services, those at First Baptist Church say service will go on at 11 a.m., even with a handful of parishioners.

"I tell people if you look outside and it looks like you might fall and hurt something stay home...I always tell people that," said Dr. Somerville.

Local stores are watching the forecast and hoping it's not too bad as well. The day after Christmas is typically a busy time for them, as people return the gifts they didn't want or cash in gift cards.

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