Last Christmas snow storm happened in 1993

By Andrew Freiden - bio | email
Posted by Phil Riggan – email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - With the talk of snow in the weekend forecast, we thought we'd check out the record books to find the last time we had a white Christmas.

First, "white Christmas" isn't a meteorological term -- so you could define it in two different ways.

Let's look at the last time it actually snowed on December 25.  For this you have to go back to 1993, when it snowed... but barely.  Only 1 tenth of an inch.

Viewers have told me via our NBC12 facebook page that it was a perfect snow.

The trees and grass were covered but the roads were clear.  Making driving around town on Christmas trouble-free!

If you define a white Christmas as one when there's some snow on the ground, then last year counts.

Some of this the big snow on the December 18th/19 hung around long enough... And the official snow depth at Richmond International Airport on Dec. 25 was 2 inches.

But the most memorable Christmas storm of recent memory didn't produce a white Christmas -- it was a clear Christmas courtesy of a the big ice storm of 1998. That produced an inch of ice over a wide areas,  knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of families.

Christmas meals were cooked over barbeques and fire pits... if they were cooked at all.

The biggest snow on Christmas was in 1914, when 5.4" fell.

Keep in mind, any snow on Christmas is a rare event.  White Christmases in Richmond happen only about once every 20 years.

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