Man suffers burns at Culpeper convenience store

Press release from Town of Culpeper

CULPEPER (WWBT) -- A 50-year-old Culpeper County man, who suffered burns to his legs at a closed convenience store early this morning, was flown to the University of Virginia Medical Center for treatment.

About 12:35 a.m., Officer Scott Woodward and Culpeper Sheriff's Deputy Robert Lewis responded to reported vehicle fire near the gas pumps at the Mosby Meadow Market convenience store.

Woodward saw a 2000 GMC pickup truck, but it was not on fire. A short distance away, police spotted a small fire burning in the parking lot. An incoherent man lay near the store a short distance away from the fire. The man's legs were burned.

The small fire, which was extinguished by firefighters, was comprised of clothing items. Police also noticed some smoldering ashes near the truck.

The victim was transported to Culpeper Regional Hospital and later airlifted to Charlottesville for treatment.

The man wasn't immediately able to tell officers what had happened.

Late this afternoon, police were able to look at surveillance video from the store, which was closed at the time of the incident. The man was not attempting to pump gas, as police were originally led to believe. Instead, the victim was sitting alone in his truck. Small flashes of light could be seen inside the truck on the video. Shortly after the man emerged from the truck, the video showed his clothes on fire.

The extent of the victim's injuries in unknown, but his condition is listed as serious.

"This is not a criminal matter, but our investigation is complete," said Lt. Chris Settle.