Proposal to ban truck driver cell phone use while driving

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

ASHLAND, VA (WWBT) – We all know texting while driving is a no-no but what if you weren't allowed to use your cell phone at all while behind the wheel? A proposal could soon ban certain drivers from even just holding their phone while on the road. Nearly 5,500 people were killed and half a million injured last year by talking on the phone or being distracted while driving. The government wants to ban truck and bus drivers from being allowed to do so. Doing anything while you're driving can sometimes be a bit distracting, but talking on a cell phone while behind the wheel has almost become the norm. The government is hoping to change that by proposing a cell phone ban for some drivers.

"If you're driving you shouldn't be using your cell phone, trucks, anybody!" said truck driver, George Dunn.

But this ban is a bit more specific. The Transportation Department says the proposal would prevent interstate truck and commercial bus drivers from reaching for, holding or dialing a cell phone while driving. We stopped by a truck stop to find out how drivers would react.

"I don't think anything that you've got to use your hands for, especially texting, should be done," said Dunn.

We asked driver David Parker if he texts while driving and he said yes at that it doesn't scare him one bit. While most truck drivers disagreed about whether they should be allowed to use their cell phones while driving, most agreed about one thing. They're more concerned about other drivers driving safely than themselves.

"Truck drivers know how to drive," said Parker. "You got these little teenagers and everybody out here that think they can do it all and they can't!"

25 year old Parker had no problem admitting he not only uses his phone, but texts while behind the wheel. He had one solution to keep roads safe from distracted drivers.

"If they gonna ban me ban everybody else out here!" said Parker.

There's no word as to how soon this ban could be put in place. Already this year the government banned truck drivers from texting while driving. If caught, drivers could face fines and or lose their licenses. Of course, here in Virginia, texting while driving is illegal for all drivers, but a secondary offense.

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