Road conditions improved, caution still advised

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – The storm may be over, but the threat isn't. Roads are icy out there. Main roads are clear so now VDOT crews are working on secondary roads in your neighborhood.

Things should look a lot better by Friday morning. The secondary roads in neighborhoods are top priority now. The snow finally stopped falling Thursday night but VDOT crews were still hard at work making roads passable for drivers headed to work the next morning.

A wintry mix of snow, sleet, and freezing rain has kept crews and contractors with the VDOT busy overnight plowing and treating roads, according to VDOT. Crews will continue work 12 hour shifts and apply salt and abrasives to slick spots around the region, focusing attention on secondary routes where some snow and ice remain on the roadway.

As motorists prepare for their morning commute, they should be cautious of possible black ice and slick spots, particularly on bridges, overpasses and ramps.

But icy conditions in some areas didn't stop some people from braving the elements.

"We've been all over," said driver, Frank Jefferson. "I had to finish my Christmas shopping so I went and bought some stuff."

Jefferson and his friend Ketara didn't have much trouble getting around in their four wheel drive vehicle. For others, they had this piece of advice when it came to navigating their way through this winter wonderland.

"Stay in the house!" said Jefferson.

"Slow down! Be careful! And put your seatbelt on!" said Jefferson's friend, Ketera Cain.

The primary roads were cleared by early afternoon Thursday but the secondary roads were most difficult for drivers to drive on. Thursday night many were still covered with a layer of snow and ice. At last check there were 757 calls for service in the metro area; 353 of them were car crashes; 92 were cars stuck in snow.

"I've seen a lot of accidents," said driver, Urlanda Tinsley. "People have just been over zealous on the road and there's been some hydroplaning. I've seen some people actually go off in ditches."

Tinsley and her four wheel drive vehicle are no match for the roads plowed or unplowed. But she has other concerns than just icy roadways.

"I'm more afraid of people out on the road than myself!" said Tinsley.

And even though the roads seem passable you are encouraged to stay at home if you don't have to go out, so VDOT crews can easily clear all roads. We're told things have been moving smoothly for VDOT today. As always, they hope to have all roads passable within 48 hours after the storm.

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