4 Wheel Drive Vehicles Needed

By Yvette Yeon - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Local hospitals and the Meals on Wheels program are asking for four-wheel drivers in the snow.

Doctors and nurses rely on rides provided by volunteer drivers with 4x4 vehicles when snow falls heavily. Every year, Chippenham and Johnston-Willis Hospitals make a call out for volunteers with capable vehicles to help them around the clock. This year, the response has already been great but they can use more help.

"Richmonders tend to be incredibly generous during times like this and really do a wonderful job helping each other out and particularly in situations like this we really just want to thank all those who come out with their 4 wheel vehicles to help get our nurses and docs into the hospital," said Hospital Spokesperson, Karen Nelson.

But aside from the hospitals, charities like the Meals on Wheels program sees a heightened need to continue their routes even if it's just to make sure the recipients are okay.

"We always say it's more than a meal and it's so true because when the in climate weather hits, that safety and security check is all the more important," said Kristin VanStory of Meals on Wheels.

About 900 people locally rely on the meals everyday and for many of them it's their only source of food.

"The people that we serve are either homebound or elderly or disabled so it's critical we get to them and bring them that food and also that somebody comes and makes sure they're healthy they're warm in their home, their heats working and if something is wrong we can of course contact someone in their family or neighbor or also contact them to other services in the community who can help them," said VanStory.

Meals on Wheels not only needs 4 wheel drivers, they need about 50 volunteers to help in the kitchen.

To help be a 4-wheel driver for Chippenham Hospital call 228-6555. For Johnston Willis Hospital, call 267-6981. If you'd like to offer rides or volunteer in the kitchen for the Meals on Wheels program, leave a message at 521-2500 and a member will call you.

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