Proper technique key with Andrew's snow-blocking tarp method

Posted by Phil Riggan – email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - NBC12 meteorologist Andrew Freiden should have been a salesman or an inventor. His method of covering his vehicle with a tarp to make a quick getaway during snow has become legendary in Richmond.

Here's Andrew's tarp snow removal sales pitch:

Tired of freezing your hands while you scrape your car free of snow and ice???  If so, use the "Freiden Rip-n-Zip Method!"

Andrew's technique is the way to go on snowy days like this.

While your office-mates are struggling, you'll be on your way home! Just do what Andrew Freiden says:

  1. Lay the tarp, blanket, or sheet over the windshield before it snows.
  2. RIP it off when it stops.
  3. ZIP home right away!

NBC12 staffers know a good thing when they see it.  Andrew's technique really works. And from the looks of these pictures in our parking lot, the craze is taking off!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Andrew locks his tarp down with bungee cords to his bumpers.  That step is not required to complete the method, but the true tarp professionals don't skip this step!

We've considered putting an NBC12 logo or Andrew's best thumb's up "Fonzie" from Happy Days look on a tarp and selling them (not really, but we're humoring him).  Be safe out there and have fun!

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